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Large Clinics Solutions

  • Air Techniques is North America's largest manufacturer of air compressors and evacuation systems for dental offices. We provide more offices with air and vacuum systems than all other companies combined.
  • Why "dental air"? Dental Air is the term we use to describe air that is free from oil, particulates, bacteria and other oral contaminants so that it is not introduced into your patient's mouth nor contaminate preparations prior to bonding, cementation and other restorative procedures. Air Techniques was the first company to introduce oil-free compressors with desiccant drying and we are still the only company to provide advanced Membrane Dryer Technology.
    • Our evacuation systems deliver best-in-class performance - wet-ring or dry vacuum. All models are designed for simple maintenance and continuous high-performance operation.
    • Air and vacuum solutions for offices from as small as two operatories to as large as dental school clinics with 250 or more operatories.
    • Our AS Series Clinical Compressors (AS 60/120) and VS Series Clinical Vacuum Systems (VS 200/300/400/500/600) provide high performance technology with low maintenance requirements.
    • The newest Clinical Vacuum System is our Mojave V15 Series Dry Vacuum.
    • Mojave V15 is a mid-sized solution for clinics smaller than 100 stations, virtually eliminating water consumption.
    • When combined with their reduced power consumption features, Mojave is the leader in high performance, low energy consumption.
    • Lower costs, higher performance, better for the environment.


    Mojave Dry Vacuum ClinicalSystem

    Part Number Description Max. Users
    V15 One V15 Dry Vacuum Pump and One CT20 Tank 13
    2V15 Two V15 Dry Vacuum Pumps and One CT20 Tank 30
    3V15 Three V15 Dry Vacuum Pumps and Two CT20
    4V15 Four V15 Dry Vacuum Pumps and Two CT20 Tanks 60


    AirStar Air Compressor Clinical System

    Part Number Description *Max. Users
    AS60 Two compressors and one 500L tank 35/60
    AS120 Four compressors and one 500L tank 70/120

    * Max users at 100%

    * Max Operatories at 60%