Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner

  • 4 synergistic enzymes for complete instrument cleaning prior to sterilization:

    1) Proteases - help break up, dissolve and remove proteins and protein stains from instruments
    2) Amylases - break down and remove carbohydrates, carbon compounds and resistant starch residues.
    3) Lipases - Assist in the removal of fatty materials and oily stains.
    4) Cellulases - break down cellulose, plant structures and fibers.

    • Proprietary Surfol technology enhances enzyme performance.
    • Concentrated, mixes easily, remains effective for up to two days (or until cloudy).
    • Convenient unit dose packaging, no measuring and dissolves instantly.
    • Biodegradable, non-corrosive formulation can be disposed of in domestic waste systems.
    • Deodorizes plaster traps.












     Order No.   Product Description
     H6310 Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner for Standard (3 qts.) Ultrasonic Cleaners  and Pre-Soak Baths Box of 20 unit dose pouches (1.7oz./50ml, each makes 3 qts.) (10 boxes per shipper case)  






















  • Monarch Safety Tray: Order No. H6150
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