Welcome to Air Techniques' Training Program!

Our hands-on, dynamic technical and sales training program will provide you with new knowledge and skills to better assist you in the field.

Please contact Tom Bach (tbach@airtechniques.com), Application & Training Specialist to request your spot in an upcoming class. Once the approved request is received, we will send you a personal welcome package. Tom will reach back out to confirm your attendance, along with arranging your transportation to the hotel and airport. 


Typical Class Schedule:

•  Monday: Travel day and dinner that night locally

•  Tuesday: Factory tour, DBSWIN Software, ScanX, and Film Processor Basics – Free night (meal voucher given for local hotel restaurant)

•  Wednesday: ProVecta X-Ray's and CamX cameras – NYC tour or other event!

•  Thursday: AirStar and VacStar – Free night (meal voucher given for hotel restaurant)

•  Friday: Mojave – Depart for airports at 3:00 PM


Location and Cost:

•  Courses are held at Air Techniques corporate headquarters located in Melville, NY, at our West Coast facility located in Corona, CA, or On-Site at your branch or regional location

•  Lodging, meals and ground transportation is provided by Air Techniques

•  The only thing you will be responsible for is your airfare 


If you would like to attend a class outside the posted schedule, please contact your company’s designated representative. Please note, your information will be sent to your company's designated training coordinator.

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