Air Techniques' equipment is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship from the date of installation for a period as follows:

Product Full System Warranty Period Specific Component Warranty Period


  • ScanX (All Models): 24 months Full System
  • ProVecta S-Pan/Ceph X-Ray: 24 months Full System
  • ProVecta HD X-Ray:  24 months Full System
  • CamX Cameras (All Models): 24 months Full System
  • A/T2000 XR: 24 months Full System and 24 months on electronic modules
  • Peri-Pro: 24 months Full System
  • AirStar / AirStar NEO: 24 months Full System and 60 months on all compressor heads, motors,  PCB and membrane dryers*
  • Mojave: 60 months Full System
  • VacStar / VacStar NEO: 24 months Full System and 60 months on all pumps, PCB and motors
  • Hydromiser: 24 months Full System
  • Acadia: 24 months Full System


* For eligibility customer must provide confirmation that preventative maintenance was performed on the unit within twenty four (24) months of the failure. A dated invoice for any of the AirStar preventative maintenance kits (P/Ns 87351 – 87355) will suffice as proof of compliancy.

All part and component returns and replacement equipment under warranty require a Return Materials Authorization (RMA). Warranty returns must be received within three months of the RMA issue date. RMAs expire three months after issue date. Items returned without an RMA, or included with other products for which an RMA has been issued, may be returned to the customer at the discretion of Air Techniques, Inc.

Any item returned under warranty will be repaired or replaced at our option at no charge provided that our inspection shall indicate it to have been defective. Air Techniques, Inc. is not liable for indirect or consequential damages or loss of any nature in connection with this equipment. Dealer labor, shipping and handling charges are not covered by this warranty.

Warranty credit will not be applied to product returns that exhibit damage due to shipping, misuse, careless handling or repairs by unauthorized personnel. Credit, or partial credit, will not be issued until products/parts have been received and assessed. Warranty is void if product is installed or serviced by anyone other than an authorized Air Techniques’ dealer or service personnel.

This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties expressed or implied. No representative or person is authorized to assume for us any liability in connection with the sale of our equipment.

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