The Importance of Preventative Maintenance of Your Vacuum System


The Importance of Preventative Maintenance of Your Vacuum System

Posted in Company on January 19, 2021

by Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH
Recommendations on How to Maintain Your Vacuum System

Follow these steps to ensure your vacuum system is well maintained:

  • Regularly change the traps in each unit
  • Run the proper vacuum cleaner daily
  • If you are doing surgical procedures or intense non-surgical procedures that may have more blood that is suctioned from the mouth, you may want to clean the lines after the procedure

The Monarch CleanStream Evacuation System Cleaner from Air Techniques has a unique formulation designed specifically for daily cleaning. It penetrates and removes line buildup while maintaining vacuum performance and suction.


Some Devices Require Special Care

Amalgam separators have become an essential tool in dental practices, required by the EPA in order to reduce the discharge of mercury into publicly owned treatment works to prevent seepage into rivers and oceans. However, when a new amalgam separator is installed, it can fill up quickly affecting the system’s functioning, possibly rendering them non-compliant with the new EPA rules. If the practice doesn’t follow a daily cleaning routine of the evacuation system lines, debris accumulates and build-ups in the lines over time. With a new amalgam separator installation, the buildup can be disrupted and clog up the system. You will need to do a deep clean of your evacuation lines a few weeks before installing a new amalgam separator. This will help prevent clogging and premature filling of the system. Inspect the separator regularly to see if a filter change is necessary.
It may be tempting to come into your office, flip on all the switches, and start seeing patients as soon as possible. However, the treatment that you can offer is only as good as the tools at your disposal, and it is vital to understand the maintenance that your equipment needs. We all know how important a reliable HVE system is in reducing aerosols in the dental office.

The current pandemic is the perfect time to give these vacuum systems, and all the other equipment in the ‘mechanical room’, the care and maintenance needed. The wellbeing of our team members and patients is the priority, making it essential to keep your tools in working order by checking and following the advice from the manufacturers of each system. If you have an Air Techniques vacuum system, you can find maintenance information on our website.

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