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Yes, all AirStar and AirStar NEO compressors come with a dual-color low voltage remote switch. This switch can be installed anywhere in your practice by your dealer technician.

All AirStar 10 – 50 have the ability to ship with a built-on sound cover. If you already have an AirStar and desire a cover for it, sound covers can be purchased and installed separately by your dealer technician. AirStar 70 has only a free-standing sound cover accessory. Currently AirStar NEO compressors do not have a compatible sound cover.

Yes, all AirStar compressors require a yearly filter change and all AirStar NEO compressors require this filter change every 1,000 hours. AirStar NEO compressors will give you a warning for when your regularly scheduled preventative maintenance is due.

All AirStar and AirStar NEO compressor tanks are interior powder coated with a special anti-microbial costing that prevents bacterial growth. There are also three pre-tank filters and a drying system so that your tank stays dry as well as a 5 micron post-tank filter to catch any remaining particulates.

Yes, it is preferred by CAD/CAM systems to use a dedicated dental air compressor. Please see the CAD/CAM section of our AT Dental Catalog for a list of the ideal compressor to work with your CAD/CAM system.

This depends on the size of your practice.

Yes, using a system with more motors provides built in “redundancy.” This means that even if one motor becomes inoperable, the other motor(s) will allow your practice to function as normal until the problem is fixed.

NEO Pulse is a software program that can be loaded onto your front of office computer to receive alerts and remote diagnostic information from your connected AirStar NEO compressor. An Ethernet cable from the compressor to your intranet router is required.

Air Techniques offers many different models of dental air compressor. Always use an air compressor that is rated for at least the minimum number of simultaneous users in your practice. See the chart below for details:

AS10 / AS10NEO 120 2
AS12 220 2
AS21 / AS21NEO 120 3
AS22 / AS22NEO 220 3
AS30 / AS30NEO 220 4
AS40 / AS40NEO 220 5
AS50 / AS50NEO 220 7
AS70 / AS70NEO 220 10
AS100 220 – 3Φ 14

Your AirStar compressor should be placed in an easily accessible location equipped with adequate ventilation. Your equipment may be noisy, so take into consideration location and sound dampening precautions.

  1. There isn’t electrical power.
  2. Power isn’t connected.
  3. Defective or tripped circuit breaker.

Refer to the AirStar Dental Air System User’s Manual-Troubleshooting section.

Membrane Drying technology is the most advanced purely mechanical, particle free way to deliver 100% clean and dry air. AirStar and AirStar NEO air compressors are 100% oil-free.

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