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Yes. Monarch CleanStream contains special non-foaming agents. For details on foam formation of different evacuation system cleaners, please download our CleanStream fact sheet.

Foam that passes through the separation tank can get into the suction pump, dry up and cause the pump to fail. If foam enters the plumbing, it can obstruct the flow of air which creates suction.

The cleaning solution is best used in conjunction with our Dispenser System. Just mix, shake and aspirate. Dispenser automatically aspirates the solution into a fine mist for complete inner tubing wall coverage and cleaning. Simply attach the saliva ejector hose to the small tip and the high volume ejector to the larger tip and turn on the valves. The dispenser automatically stops after 1 liter of cleaning solution ran through suction hoses.
For detailed instructions, please download our HowTo-Use Guide at www.airtechniques.com.

Dilute 20 mL of cleaner (1 cap) in 1 L of cold tap water to clean 1 operatory. Dilute 40 mL of cleaner (2 caps) in 2 L of cold tap water.

Adapters are provided to fit all suction hoses.

Monarch Evacuation System cleaner is highly effective, non-corrosive, biodegradable, very economical, and does not leach mercury from amalgam.

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