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It is an Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning & Presoak Concentrate for Instruments prior to Sterilization.

For standard ultrasonic baths: One 1/3 oz. pouch of Monarch should be added to 1 gallon of warm water in the ultrasonic bath. Set timer for according to manufacturer’s instructions. REPLACE Monarch when solution appears dirty with excess debris. Do not leave instruments in bath solutions overnight.

Use as Chairside Presoak to remove dried blood, saliva, body fluids and debris from instruments and to reduce risk prior to transporting to the sterilization area.

No, it won’t corrode or stain metals, even when carbide, stainless or aluminum instruments are mixed.

Water, Surfactants, Enzyme Blend, Anticorrosives

Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner contains 5 enzymes: Amylase, Protease, Cellulase, Lipase, Subtilisin
Those enzymes are targeting proteinaceous and non-protein-containing contamination. Amylase adds an important additional decontaminant because of its ability to break down carbohydrate-containing organic debris.

The most common forms of adherent debris on instruments, blood, saliva, and plaque contain carbohydrate components. Monarch Enzymatic Cleaner can specifically enhance their degradation.

Liquid concentrate mixes instantly

  • 50x 1/3oz. unit-dose pouches; each pouch makes 1 gallon; order #: H6310-N
  • 84.5 oz. bottle; makes 125 gallons; order #: H6201
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