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Yes, all VacStar and VacStar NEO wet vacuum systems come with a dual-color low voltage remote switch. This switch can be installed anywhere in your practice by your dealer technician.

Yes, it is recommended to change the solids collector once a month for all VacStar and VacStar NEO systems.

Wet vacuum systems are the most reliable technology in producing suction for dental applications. They are typically the most economical choice and now with the introduction of the VacStar NEO, they are just as energy efficient as a dry vacuum system.

A VacStar NEO uses a Variable Frequency Driven (VFD) motor that speeds up and slows down based on demand, saving energy. The VacStar NEO also has a built in water recycler to reduce water usage as well as a system monitoring function that displays warnings and errors.

Air Techniques offers many different models of dental wet vacuum system. Always use a vacuum system that is rated for at least the minimum number of simultaneous users in your practice. See the chart below for details:





VS20 120/220   0.50 2
VS40 220   0.75 3
VS50 220   1.00 4
VS50H 220 X 0.26 4
VS80 220   1.50 7
VS80H 220 X 0.36 7
VS20NEO 220   0.13 2
VS40NEO 220   0.13 3
VS50NEO 220   0.26 4
VS80NEO 220   0.26 7

Your VacStar wet vacuum should be placed in an easily accessible location equipped with adequate ventilation. Your equipment may be noisy, so take into consideration location and sound dampening precautions.

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