What is NEO Pulse?

NEO Pulse is a software program that can be loaded onto your front of office computer to receive alerts and remote diagnostic information from your connected AirStar NEO compressor. An Ethernet cable from the compressor to your intranet router is required.

What model compressor should I use for my practice?

Air Techniques offers many different models of dental air compressor. Always use an air compressor that is rated for at least the minimum number of simultaneous users in your practice. See the chart below for details:

AS10 / AS10NEO 120 2
AS12 220 2
AS21 / AS21NEO 120 3
AS22 / AS22NEO 220 3
AS30 / AS30NEO 220 4
AS40 / AS40NEO 220 5
AS50 / AS50NEO 220 7
AS70 / AS70NEO 220 10
AS100 220 – 3Φ 14