How often should I use Monarch Lines Cleaner?

Initial Cleaning (Shock Treatment)/New Users:

Week 1: Use every night

This initial 1-week period makes sure that any build-up in the dental lines is eliminated.

Note: Remove handpieces etc. to avoid plugging and clogging.

Week 2-3: Use bi-weekly

Routine Cleaning: Use once a week. For best results, leave solution in overnight or over weekend.

Daily Use: “Lines” may be used daily in potable water supplies, instead of a tablet.  Add one ounce per liter to tap or distilled water

How do I use Monarch Lines Cleaner?

Step 1: Air Purge Tubing Lines

  1. Turn dental unit OFF. Empty water bottle and place back on dental unit.
  2. Turn dental unit ON.
  3. Air purge lines by activating handpiece hoses and air/ water syringes until water is eliminated.

Step 2: Add “Lines”

  1. Turn dental unit OFF. Remove water bottle and pour 2 ounces (60mL) of “Lines” into dental unit’s empty water bottle, swish “Lines” in bottle and then place water bottle on dental unit.
  2. Turn dental unit ON. Activate handpiece hoses and air/water syringes until “Lines” exits.
  3. Turn dental unit OFF. Allow “Lines” to treat dental unit supply tubing for at least 6 hours, overnight or over the weekend before proceeding to Step 3.

Step 3: Flush Dental Unit Lines

  1. Remove water bottle, dispose of any excess solution and fill bottle with water source.
  2. Turn dental unit ON. Flush tubing lines with water for 30 seconds to remove any excess “Lines”.