Why is my patient’s Spectra readings lower than they were on a previous visit?

It is important to remember that the Spectra Caries Detector uses reflected light to create its readings. Things like the angle of the Spectra, excess saliva on the tooth and intrusion of ambient light can affect the reflected light and cause unexpected readings.

      1. Make sure the tooth is clean and dry.
      2.  The spacers provided with your Spectra are not just a stylish accessory; it places the head of the Spectra and its detector at the optimal focal distance to get a good reading. Make sure the spacer is sitting flat against the occlusal surface of the tooth.
      3. The spacer also acts to block out ambient room light, which can affect your readings. Again, make sure you are using your spacer.
      4. Make sure the area of the tooth you are interested in assessing is in the center of your image, this will help with consistent readings.