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For over 60 years, Air Techniques has exceeded our customers’ expectations by delivering innovative, high-quality products that advance the standard of dental care. With breakthrough solutions in utility equipment, delivering best-in-class infrastructure that keeps your practice operating at peak performance.

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Specialized engineers put every AirStar Compressor and Mojave  Vacuum through rigorous and repetitive tests at our in-house laboratories. Our mechanical equipment is constructed from parts made in our 200,000 square foot facility located on Long Island, NY.    

Air compressors

100% Ultra-Dry-Air & 100% Oil-Less
New Integrated Diagnostic Monitoring Functions
Exclusive Membrane Dryer Technology
Virus-Bacteria Filters for All AirStar Compressors
Keep Your Patients Safe from Viruses & Microorganisms
Sized for Your Practice or Clinic
Compact Shape for Space-Saving Installation
Anti-Microbial Tank
Easy Accessibility to Service
Simple Annual Filter Change
60+ Years Proven Dependable & Reliable


Easy Installation, Maintenance & Expansion
Mojave Delivers More Flow
Has the highest suction power of any dry vac available
Features a Positive Displacement Pump
New Integrated Diagnostic Monitoring Functions
Superior Performance & Energy Efficiency
Keep Your Patients Safe from Viruses & Microorganisms
Sized for Your Practice or Clinic
Compact Shape for Space-Saving Installation
Easy Accessibility to Service
Simple Annual Filter Change
60+ Years Proven Dependable & Reliable

COVID-19 Has turned the light on Dental Aerosols and the significant health threat these aerosols have in dentistry

The Best Protection for Your Team & Patients is Your
Mechanical Equipment

The health of your team and patients is our highest priority. That’s why our dental Air & Vac Systems are equipped with essential features. Keeping each zone in mind.

Book Your Complimentary Aerosol Evaluation

The only way to truly see how well a vacuum system has been performing is by measuring both the Flow Rate and Negative Pressure at the tip of the High Volume Evacuator (HVE). With a quick visit from your local Air Techniques Aerosol Mitigation Expert that is armed with their FlowKit, they will have the ability to properly evaluate the central suction system of your practice. Schedule a visit by clicking below. One of our experts will be able to recommend real-stage strategies to maximize aerosol containment at your practice.  


Proper use of an HVE can prevent Aerosols from spreading
within the operatory

Spray Mist to Aerosols

The use of high-speed instruments and powder jet handpieces generates spray mist Spray mist is a mixture of cooling water, particles, powder, splashes, droplets of different sizes, saliva, blood, and microorganisms If the spray mist is not correctly aspirated within the patient’s mouth, an aerosol cloud will be formed, which spreads over a radius of several meters

The Solution

When using a high volume suction system and correct suction method, the spread decreases by an average of 65%.^ *The proper dental vacuum system is the most effective tool for removing airborne particles from the oral cavity. The higher the flow, the more effective the vacuum pump is in removing airborne particles from in and around the patients’ oral cavity.

^(Reitmeier et al. effektive Reduktion des Spraynebel-Rückpralls, ZMK 2010; 26: 662-673.)

Flow is the Key to Removing Aerosols

Until the recent outbreak of COVID, high suction power  (negative pressure) was the metric used to determine the performance of a vacuum, but now that most offices are more concerned with removing aerosols, the flow rate is the true measure of your vacuum’s ability. Mojave uses Regenerative Side Channel Blower technology to achieve the key combination of both NEGATIVE PRESSURE and FLOW.

The following components of Air Techniques’ products offer the best possible protection:

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Mojave provides the highest suction power of any dry vacuum system availabletoday. No matter how many users in your practice, Mojave delivers more flow thanthe competition.



AirStar compressors are now equipped with the finest microbial filters available worldwide. The 0.01-micron filter is capable of eliminating particles and microorganisms from the air at retention rates above 99.99995%.

The Prophylaxis Cannula: with up to 2x more aerosol absorption. More protection for patients and therapists alike. This enables a tailor-made configuration of the relevant suction handpieces. The swivel joint can also be used for fatigue-free and ergonomic working. It maintains the correct angle, shortens the lever, and offers significantly improved handling. *Waiting on Health Canada approval*

In addition to using a powerful suction unit and the right suction cannulas, employing the correct suction technique can effectively reduce dangers and thus make an important contribution to protecting against the risk of infection.

The unique formulation is designed for daily cleaning, penetrates, and helps remove line buildup while maintaining vacuum performance and suction.