Exciting Trade-In Program for ScanX Digital Radiography Systems

MELVILLE, New York — (September 15, 2015) — Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment, has announced a new and exciting trade-in program for ScanX Digital Radiography Systems.

ScanX has been leading the way in digital radiography since 2002. These compact, powerful systems utilize wireless, flexible and thin PSPs. From a compact, chairside solution to a central imaging system, ScanX provides you with user-friendly technology that delivers superior diagnostic digital images. There are four models available, the ScanX Classic, Intraoral, Duo and Swift. Whether you are converting your office from film to digital or needing a digital supplement to your current system, ScanX can provide you with the digital advantage.

Air Techniques is offering cash rebates when a dental professional trades in their current film processor or old scanner for a new ScanX system. Eliminate the hassle of the film processor and all of its chemicals. The rebate amount depends on the ScanX system chosen and ranges from $250 all the way up to $1500. This offer is valid until December 31, 2015.

“Air Techniques is committed to improving the way dentistry is performed”, said John Scott, Air Techniques’ Chief Marketing Officer. “ScanX provides practitioners with a “no limits” approach to digital imaging. We think our ScanX trade-in program will entice those offices who have held off in making the switch from film to digital or need a digital complement to their existing digital sensor system. We can show that switching from film can provide a quick return on the investment, save the practice money, and improve the efficiency of the team.”

Each system is backed by a two year warranty. Schedule a free, in-office demonstration of ScanX and see how simple it is to use and how it will seamlessly integrate into the dental practice. For more information visit: www.airtechniques.com. Become a fan of Air Techniques onFacebook and follow the company on Twitter.