ScanX Swift Clinical Advantages as Featured in Clinicians Report

MELVILLE, New York — (November 10, 2015) — Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment, is proud to be featured in the latest Clinicians Report* titled The Clinical Advantages of Phosphor Plate Digital Radiography”. This newest instalment from the CR Foundation features ScanX Swift Digital Radiography System. Air Techniques manufactures ScanX Digital Imaging Systems, the leading phosphor plate system in North America. ScanX Swift is the latest model to be introduced from Air Techniques and features quick and easy chairside digital imaging.

The switch from analog to digital imaging is still a hot topic in the US dental market. This report compiles the strengths and limitations of today’s digital radiography technology.  The CR Scientific Staff has conducted surveys with dental professionals along with their own investigations that are included in this report. One of the many interesting points included in this report is though the majority of dentists in North America use hard sensors, phosphor plate technology like ScanX, dominate in many parts of the world.

“ScanX offers many advantages from switching from film to digital imaging. It also makes an excellent attribute to practices that use wired sensors”, said Jonathan Newman, Air Techniques’ Digital Imaging Product Manager. “The major benefits with ScanX are patient comfort for all ages and its affordability. With four different systems available, ScanX truly offers digital imaging without limits”

CR points out the key advantages of phosphor plate radiography systems including, patient comfort, positioning, imaging area, lower costs and digital images. Within the “Clinical Tips” section it mentions five different suggestions one including, “consider adding a phosphor plate scanner to existing CMOS system for times when hard sensor is inadequate. An entire PSP system can cost less than a single CMOS sensor.”

Some of the final points mentioned in the report include the ease of use offered by PSP systems, the larger image area and ease of accurate positioning. Whether a practice has not switched from analog or already has a CMOS sensor, PSP systems affordability make it practical to use both technologies for their unique advantages.

Air Techniques is currently offering a trade-in-program for a new ScanX system. For a limited time, trade in your old film processor or old scanner and receive enticing rebates with the purchase of a new ScanX. Visit for more information on this program and ScanX Digital Radiography Systems. Become a fan of Air Techniques on Facebook and follow the company on Twitter.

“*An independent non-profit, dental education and product testing foundation, Clinicians Report, (November 2015).”