Preventing biofilm in Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL)


Preventing biofilm in Dental Unit Waterlines (DUWL)

Posted in Company on July 16, 2020

by, Amber Auger, RDH, MPH


The waterlines of a dental unit promote bacterial growth and the development of biofilms due to the dark, long narrow tubing, slow flow rates and periods of stagnation. According to OSAP (Organization for Safety, Asepsis, and Prevention), waterline contamination consists of slime-producing bacteria, fungi, and protozoans.1 The microorganisms will begin to adhere to the walls of the tubing. As they grow, they develop a protective polysaccharide layer, which allows for the collection of even more microorganisms. Over time, they eventually break free and these heterotrophic microorganisms become planktonic-free floating microorganisms. They can find their way to areas of the tubing to grow another biofilm colony or into a patient’s mouth where they can potentially cause harm.

Monarch Lines Cleaner is a fast and effective way to shock and maintain waterlines in one single product. It gently removes biofilm from DUWL containing odor-causing bacteria in a non-corrosive solution. After the initial shock treatment, the lines only need to be treated once a week. Each treatment requires 2 oz. of the solution, which is poured directly into the water bottle undiluted.

Not all DUWL cleaners are treated equally. Monarch Lines Cleaner also meets the ADA and EPA guidelines. The product was tested in the Dental Advisor labs over a 3-month period. Bacterial concentrations met or were below 500 Colony Forming Units (CFU) per ml as recommended by the EPA. This level was observed just after a few days of treating the lines. The EPA established The Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). It is a federal law that protects public drinking water supplies. Under the SDWA, the acceptable CFU count is 500 CFU or less per milliliter of water.

When it comes to keeping ourselves, patients, and communities safe, cleaning DUWL should be a part of our infection control checklist and maintenance daily. Implementing the Monarch Lines Cleaner is a safe and cost-effective way to reduce biofilm contamination. Now, more than ever, our patients are aware of the importance of infection control. The Monarch line provides clinicians with the confidence of biofilm elimination our patients deserve.

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