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  • Special Markets Mojave Dry Vacuum System

    The newest Clinical Vacuum System is our Mojave V15 Series Dry Vacuum.

    Mojave V15 is a mid-sized solution for clinics smaller than 80 stations, virtually eliminating water consumption. When combined with their reduced power consumption features, Mojave is a leader in high-performance, low energy consumption. Lower costs, higher performance, better for the environment. Mojave’s exclusive Master Controller (MMC) automatically adjusts the frequency of the pump(s) to maintain the required vacuum level depending on the needs of your dental facility.

  • Special Markets VacStar Dry Vacuum System

    Air Techniques’ robust clinical dental vacuum systems are designed to have an upstream central or integrated cyclonic separation system.

    Automatic integrated flushing and disinfection also occur inside the central separation tank, which thoroughly reduces the spread of germs in the tank. The vacuum pumps are turned on and off automatically by sensors that detect operational times and required volume flow. This ensures that electrical energy is used effectively and economically.

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