ScanX Accessories

Explore The Little Ways You Can Make A BIG Difference For Your Youngest Patients

Air Techniques understand that while treating Pediatric Patients, you are consciously trying to make these young patients feel as comfortable and relaxed so that you can provide the best treatment while also making moms and dads confident that their child is receiving the best care.


That’s why we have developed patented products that tackle some of the most common concerns and challenges you face as a practitioner while working with children and teens.

ScanX Phosphor Storage Plates (PSP)

Our imaging plates in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4 complement your practice’s imaging demands. Use the full range of accessories that ScanX has to offer!

ScanX PSP helps to eliminate retakes and exposure to additional radiation.


Uniquely formulated to produce the highest possible SNR, allowing for the ALARA Principle of the lowest X-ray dose necessary.

Their rounded corners and smaller sizes were designed especially for smaller mouths. The “a” marker on both the sensitive and non-sensitive side allows for easy placement and orientation into the patient’s mouth.

ScanX PSPs and IDX PSPs are wireless and 30x thinner than wired sensors making them hassle-free to be placed inside oral cavities without pinching.

Unlike hard sensors, ScanX’s entire PSP surface area is 100% active and provides up to 38% more image area while providing the highest image resolution available (+20 lp/mm).

ScanX offers a more extensive selection of imaging plate formats for demanding anatomies in sizes 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Exceptionally durable, designed to withstand day-to-day clinical environments, and has an anti-scratch coating on each plate.

Size 0:

– It’s the perfect size for anterior images in children

Size 1:

– Posterior or bitewing images for children

– Anterior images for adults with tight spacing (verticle)

– Endo-images with tight spacing (vertical)

Size 2:

– Posterior of bitewing images for adults

– Anterior images with wide spacing for adults

– Endo-images with wide spacing

Size 3:

– Optimized format for bitewing images to achieve more diagnostic reach

Size 4:

– Perfect size to optimally image displaced teeth of salivary stone

ScanX Barrier Envelopes

Patented, easy-open Barrier Envelopes minimize cross-contamination and infection of intraoral PSPs. Not all Barrier Envelopes are designed equally. ScanX’s unique envelope design allows the package to tear open in a direction that minimizes cross-contamination. 

Top loading and quick seal, these soft Barrier Envelopes make the difference in Comfort for your patients. In addition, the innovative Y-notch design allows you to effortlessly split the envelope open in a direction that reduces cross-contamination.

“Simply put, it’s a game changer. When it comes to diagnostic capabilities (being able to invert the black/white color on the computer, enhancing contrast, etc.) and patient comfort, there’s no better system on the market than ScanX, in my opinion.”


– Relay on ScanX PSP and Barrier Envelopes for optimal system functionality.

– Designed to provide the highest quality image and resolution for confident diagnostics.

– Available in multiple sizes, 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4.

ScanX Barrier Envelopes

– Help protect the PSP against scratches and help keep your PSP usable thousands of times.

– Designed to protect against cross-contamination.

– Neutral taste and odor.

Nitrous Oxide Double Nasal Hoods

Nitrous Oxide, or “Happy Air,” can make pediatric patients more comfortable, calm, and relaxed during dental visits. It’s a highly safe and effective solution for calming your patients. This gentle sedation will relax your patient and allow their guardian less stress, making the overall dental procedure much smoother.

Our Double Nasal Hoods are available in Pediatric and Adult Sizes, lightly scented in various fun flavors. They offer a lower profile than other hoods. The transparent outer hood sits closer to the patient’s face, increasing the scavenging efficiency of exhaled gases and allowing visual monitoring of the patient’s breathing.

– Size Matters! A slighter profile improves “sightline” visibility for the dental staff, allowing better oral cavity access.

– Accurate fit! The softer inner hood seals to the face to ensure proper gas delivery to the patient.

– The single-use and multi-use autoclavable hoods are latex free and compatible with other double-tube scavenging circuits you may already have.

Currently not available for sale in Canada


Softer and more flexible for an exceptional seal and comfort


The oval design of the exhalation valve for ideal scavenging, US patented


Lower profile for better access to the patient


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Monarch Evacuation Cleaner

Regarding infection prevention, daily cleaning, deodorizing, and maintaining your evacuation lines are just as essential as wiping the counters and chairs down before each patient.

Monarch CleanStream Evacuation System Cleaner is the only cleaner recommended by Air Techniques with your wet or dry dental vacuum system. This non-foaming, biodegradable solution effectively penetrates and removes line buildup while improving suction performance.

Award-winning and compliant with BMP for dental amalgam waste: non-oxidizing and pH 7-8.

CleanStream Dispenser with integrated Vortex Technology creates air and liquid, atomizing the solution through the lines and cleaning the entire inner tubing walls leading to the utility room.

The Dispenser enables easy, no-mess, no-spill mixing of operatories.

Easy as 1,2,3: Mix, shake and aspirate.

During dental procedures, saliva, blood, and other fluids can be aerosolized and expelled into the air, increasing the risk of infection transmission. If dental evacuation lines are not cleaned regularly, a decrease in the vacuum flow rate can occur, which affects effective aerosol mitigation. The lower the flow rate, the less aerosols are absorbed, putting patients at risk of inhaling potentially harmful microorganisms that can lead to infections or other complications. In return, clean lines improve suction and aerosol mitigation, resulting in a safer dental visit.