Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols

Acadia & Acadia Plus Kits & Filters

Acadia’s inlet filter ensures a smooth and continuous filtration process; all particles larger than 5mm are filtered out, never clogging or causing loss of suction. The translucent container enables you to view Acadia’s cyclonic separation of fluids–including a clear look at the filter.


Acadia Alert

Automatically monitors the Acadia and activates an audible alarm along with visual LED indicators when the filter reaches 90% capacity.


Acadia Amalgam Separator

At Air Techniques, we understand how to create an amalgam separator that works in-line with your evacuation system.


Acadia Plus Amalgam Separator

Acadia Plus has been designed to meet the requirements of ISO 11143 and meets all  “EPA Dental Rule” requirements.

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