Nitrous Oxide


    FlowStar Touch & Analog – Nitrous Flowmeters & Components


    FlowStar Accessories

    Bringing Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Sedation to the next level with multiple innovations


    FlowStar Touch

    The innovative flat touchscreen control fits perfectly with a modern practice.


    FlowStar Analog

    The FlowStar Analog is built with high-quality, wear-resistant materials and offers many functions that users highly value in everyday practice.


    Double Hood Scavenging Circuit

    Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen scavenging systems benefit from a high-quality vacuum system. With the help of a reliable vacuum system, it can be administered safely within your practice. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation is the next natural fit for Air Techniques. *Currently not available for sale in Canada*


    Double Nasal Hoods

    FlowStar Double Nasal Hoods have a soft inner hood, which improves seal and patient comfort. The double hood design minimizes ambient nitrous oxide in the operatory. Its universal fit with other double tubing scavenging circuits allows you to use your existing systems with the new Air Techniques Double Nasal Hoods.