Social Commitment

Social Commitment at Air Techniques

Air Techniques is committed to our social responsibility and utilizing our corporate identity to positively impact the dental industry we serve, along with complimentary interests. We actively contribute with monetary and product donations across many foundations and organizations. Our current focus is establishing a Secondary School with an attached Community Development Program with OM Malawi and OM Germany.

OM Malawi

OM Malawi was founded in 2005 and has been dedicated to transforming communities through agriculture, school development, and various community outreach programs. Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world, and each of these initiatives is helping to develop self-sustainable projects for the children and people of Malawi.

More Than 100,00 Bricks

Local authorities have donated the land where the school is being constructed and provided more than 100,000 bricks. While OM Malawi continues to build its relationship with the community the building of the classrooms has started. This Secondary School with an attached Community Development Program is being built in a remote part of Malawi, about an hour’s drive from Ntaja. 

Helping Over 800 Underprivileged Children

The schools established by OM Malawi provide two meals daily to the children attending along with a much higher standard of education to these communities who would traditionally receive a very poor quality education. In fact, upon graduation, the students will be equipped for university.    

Community And Local Traditional Chiefs Involvement

Along with helping the children, it is important to ensure the community that supposed the children is also able to be self-sustaining. Programs are followed out to encourage and train in farming and grading to sustain enough food to feed their individual families and contribute towards the school fees. The training in Foundations for Framing (FFF) will help create a well-rounded community that can provide for its own while encouraging growth for future generations.