Nitrous Oxide

Double Nasal Hood Scavenger System
& Scavenging Circuits

FlowStar Nasal Hoods Double Hood Scavenger System

A fully autoclavable scavenger breathing circuit provides for safer delivery and monitoring

Softer, single-use scented double nasal hoods offer a superior seal and the lower profile gives a better vision of the oral cavity

Oval exhalation valve = increased patient breathing comfort

Universal fit with other double scavenging circuits allows for use of your existing systems with Air Techniques’ Double Nasal Hoods

The outer hood sits closer to the patient’s face, increasing the scavenging efficiency of exhaled gases

Colorful and lightly scented single-use hoods engage and delight patients of all ages

Pediatric and adult sizes available in a variety of scents

See for yourself-In use a comparison view of Air Techniques’ FlowStar Double Nasal Hood 

12 Hoods Individually Wrapped in a Box

*Currently not available for sale in Canada*

Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Scavenging Circuits

Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen scavenging systems benefit from a high-quality vacuum system. With the help of a reliable vacuum system, it can be administered safely within your practice. Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation is the next natural fit for Air Techniques – the leader in Air & Vac.

Bringing Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen Sedation to the next level with multiple innovations

• Compatible with most nitrous oxide/oxygen flowmeters

• Fully autoclavable scavenging circuit provides for safer delivery and monitoring


*Currently not available for sale in Canada*

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