Vision Monitor

Vision Monitor

Vision Monitor brings valuable information from your critical dental equipment directly to those who need to see it. Through cloud-based IoT monitoring, get live status updates, device messages, and the ability to provide remote support and configuration. Whether you are managing equipment from a single office or 200 or more offices, Vision Monitor has features to ensure your equipment will quickly, and easily notify you with detailed, relevant information.

Intelligence, Simplified


Don’t get lost in charts and information overload.
Vision monitor provides clear, pertinent information to
keep your equipment running.


Whether you are monitoring a single office, or
Two hundred or more, Vision Monitor can support your needs.


Encryption and data security up to the highest industry


No additional hardware is required! Use the existing
assets in your office to connect your devices to the cloud.

Core Features

Vision Monitor2


• Make your equipment work for you. Through persistent monitoring, you can be confident your utility room will remain operational and maximize your ROI.

• Connect your equipment to an authorized service organization so they know when an issue arises.


• Alerts and notifications are reported immediately via the web interface, mobile app, email, and/or webhook.

• Clear and actionable notifications provide detailed status and instructions to immediately address potential problems.


• Bring intelligence and reliability to the Equipment Room with a cloud-based, intuitive, secure, and user-friendly interactive platform accessible 24/7.

• Securely review and modify essential equipment parameters remotely.

*No additional hardware required to connect to Vision Monitor on equipment with an existing network connection. Connect Box required to monitor legacy equipment.

Connect Box : Monitor ALL your Air Techniques Equipment

• Have ALL of your critical utility equipment connected to the cloud! Monitor both your legacy and network-enabled equipment through Vision Monitor to maximize uptime.

• Are you a service organization or DSO? Connect your entire network of equipment to the cloud. Keep your offices running and efficiently schedule maintenance for multiple offices before revenue-effecting problems arise.

• Wi-Fi enabled. Connect your devices to a wireless network to simplify setup.

• Detect common signs of high wear and necessary service – reduce the risk of unexpected downtime.


How Can I Connect My Equipment?