Eliminate the Risk of Aerosols


High Volume Evacuators

The new HVE Air Protect - An effective solution for aerosol mitigation.

Whether it’s the removal of dental plaque, the application of a rubber dam or the removal of fillings, crowns, or bridges – each of these treatments requires the suctioning of small or large particles from patients’ mouths. The high-speed and oscillating instruments need to be cooled with water to protect the sensitive pulp-dentin area, causing spray mist to be generated. The mixture of droplets from the cooling water, saliva, blood, and microorganisms represents a high risk of infection.

*Waiting on Health Canada approval*


The HVE Air Protect XL Plus from Air Techniques offers effective protection against aerosols. Its ergonomic design and the rotating, protective shield are unique. The shield can be effortlessly adapted to any treatment situation in which spray mist is generated and is particularly suited for treatments with prophy powders. The large opening through the protective shield allows for more aerosols and prophylaxis powder to be removed making it easy to use for treatments without an assistant. Protective secondary air inlets provide the best possible protection against backflow from the suction system.

  • The protective shield on the HVE tip can be freely rotated. This enables particularly effective suction of spray powder.
  • Prevents irritation of the mucous membranes due to prophylaxis powder.
  • Ergonomic treatment.
  • Secondary air inlets protect against backflow.


This HVE tip captures more aerosols than conventional ones with its large 16 mm opening, offering more protection for staff and patients. Its secondary air inlets prevent backflow of potentially contaminated secretions from the suction system into the patient’s mouth. The tip’s rounded edges are designed for patient comfort leaving no sore spots in the mouth.

  • Less suction noise.
  • Secondary air inlets protect against backflow.
  • Reduction of the germ-laden aerosol cloud.
  • No edges, no pressure points – ideal for ergonomic working.

Y-Adapter. Two in one.

Aerosol reduction & Adapter 11 to 16 mm. The Y-Adapter was specifically developed for users working without an assistant and therefore need a hands-free suction solution.

  • The Y-Adapter reduces aerosols during dental treatments.
  • The saliva ejector is positioned in the oral cavity while the HVE tip is located on the side of the mouth reducing aerosols.
  • Adapter 11 to 16 mm By sealing the opening for the saliva ejector with the included plug, an adapter is created to connect all 16 mm High Volume Evacuators from Air Techniques (HVE Air Protect XL, and XL Plus) to 11 mm suction handpieces.


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Y Adapter Two in One

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Y Adapter Two in One


Order No. 070005950 HVE Air Protect XL | 16 mm, gray (5 pieces)
Order No. 070005900 HVE Air Protect XL | 16 mm, gray (20 pieces)
Order No. 070005850 HVE Air Protect XL Plus | 16 mm, gray (4 pieces
Order No. 7600010040 Y-Adapter Kit | 1 HVE Air Protect XL Plus, 1 Adapter, 1 Plug
Y-Adapter Kit Applications Option 1: use with HVE Air Protect XL or Plus and saliva ejector

Option 2: use with HVE Air Protect XL or

Plus only; insert included plug into saliva ejector opening Y-Adapter fits into a standard HVE valve.
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