Air Techniques annonce la commercialisation d’une nouvelle conception d’emballage pour les lingettes nettoyantes pour PPS

MELVILLE, New York— March 29, 2012—Air Techniques, Inc., a leading dental equipment manufacturer, announced today a major redesign for their merchandise line of PSP Cleaning Wipes. PSP Cleaning wipes from Air Techniques are disposable, lightweight wipes that effectively and safely remove surface debris from Phosphor Storage Plates and Plate Protectors. This new design includes an improved, compact packaging of the individual wipes.


“To improve the look and functionality of our PSP Cleaning Wipes, we have updated the packaging of this product,” said Nicole Miller, Air Techniques Merchandise Product Manager. “Since PSP Cleaning Wipes are used daily, we wanted to increase the quantity of wipes per box to better serve the practice utilizing this product.”


The new packaging design has increased the quantity of wipes from 25 to 50 per box, making it more economical. Air TechniquesPSP Cleaning Wipes formulations are water-free, making them safe to use with any brand of Intraoral and Extraoral Phosphor Storage Plates (PSPs) and Plate Protectors.


Air Techniques’ PSP Cleaning Wipes are soft, lint-free fabric wipes that will not scratch or streak the plate while safely removing smudges, dust, dirt and hair from the surface area.  These 5”x8” single-use, disposable wipes are light weight and durable. They will ensure a quick no-fuss cleanup for you and your staff and help to prolong the life of your PSPs.