Air Techniques Announces ProVecta 3D Prime X-ray: See All That You Need To See

MELVILLE, New York — (February 22, 2019) — Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator, and manufacturer of dental equipment, today announced the newest addition to its ProVecta family of digital X-rays, the ProVecta 3D Prime. This new imaging system provides 2D and 3D images combined with the power of VisionX software.

Made in Germany, ProVecta 3D Prime provides today’s practitioners with a safe, 3D X-ray diagnosis offering to their patients, as well as enabling dentists to verify implant, root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia or dysplasia needs. A unique 130mm x 85mm jaw-shaped anatomically adapted volume generated by ProVecta 3D Prime encompasses all treatment areas without imaging non-relevant anatomy, and is visibly larger than the most commonly used volume of Ø 80x80mm.

“We are excited to expand our family of innovative X-ray systems with the ProVecta 3D Prime,” said Christoph Roeer, Air Techniques’ Chief Executive Officer. “Air Techniques is committed to improving the practitioners’ diagnostic capabilities and daily workflows by designing digital products that enable precise and quick diagnosis while benefiting your patient and practice.”

The highest resolution CsI flat panel sensor creates brilliant, high-quality 3D and 2D images from one sensor. Patients benefit from a reduced radiation dose thanks to the anatomically adapted volume. In fact, radiation doses reduce up to 62% in standard definition. The ProVecta 3D Prime features an intuitive 7” touchscreen and captures scans in a short 2 – 18 seconds.

VisionX Software, a state-of-the-art powerful imaging tool is included with ProVecta 3D Prime.  It provides impressive implant visualization with three different 3D views: Panoramic, TSA, and MPR.  Each 3D view can be rotated and tilted for optimum alignment and easily draw the nerve channel into the image and measure 3D volume.

Air Techniques’ strong product portfolio of utility systems, digital imaging, and merchandise are capable of equipping the smallest practice to the largest university or hospital. Consistently, Air Techniques remains the leading and largest manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems in North America.

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