Air Techniques Offers Advanced Digital Workflow Options for ProVecta 3D Prime X-Ray System with SICAT Software

MELVILLE, New York — (June 4, 2019)Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment has announced the availability of SICAT applications for their ProVecta 3D Prime CBCT system. SICAT IMPLANT and SICAT Surgical Guides will be available to ProVecta 3D Prime users for precise implant planning and implant treatment.


The ProVecta 3D Prime hybrid X-ray system generates 3D and 2D images in a unique 130mm x 85mm jaw-shaped anatomically adapted volume, including all treatment areas without imaging non-relevant anatomy. Thanks to the SICAT workflow solutions, practitioners with ProVecta 3D Prime benefit from diagnostics and planning in 3D with the easy to use SICAT software modules and the highly accurate SICAT Surgical Guides.  These combined technologies help strengthen the competitiveness of today’s dental practice.


“Air Techniques offers a diverse product range for innovative, digital dentistry that improves the practitioners’ diagnostic capabilities and daily workflows,” said Christoph Roeer, Air Techniques’ Chief Executive Officer. “SICAT’s open software applications, provide ProVecta 3D Prime users with a precise, and accurate integrated solution for their practice.”


Founded in 2004, SICAT successfully develops and markets 3D-based analysis and planning software, surgical guides and therapeutic appliances for many dental disciplines at its headquarters based in Bonn, Germany – since more than 10 years. Since January 1st 2019, SICAT operates as a fully independent company.


Air Techniques’ strong product portfolio of utility systems, digital imaging and merchandise, are capable of equipping the smallest practice to the largest university or hospital. Consistently, Air Techniques remains the leading and largest manufacturer of dental air compressors and vacuum systems in North America.


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