Partner Training Program

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Welcome to Air Techniques’ Training Program!

We love hosting our partners in-house for our hands-on, dynamic technical and sales training program. Until we can be together in-person again, we will provide you with new knowledge and skills virtually through our new webinar series to better assist you in the field.

In order to provide the best training, we offer a variety of specialty classes for your sales team as well as your technical team in imaging, utility, or both. Feel free to discuss with your local Air Techniques Territory Manager. 

Air Techniques Webinar Series Schedule

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June 2021 Webinar: Modern Imaging Integration Solutions by Air Techniques

Join us to learn about the exciting new software solutions that Air Techniques is offering to your customers for the seamless integration of digital imaging equipment in the dental practice. Air Techniques has a new user-friendly software solution with VisionX, developed in-house, for easy integration of our entire imaging equipment line. We also have new options to allow for the direct integration of some of our most popular imaging equipment.

Who Should Attend:
 Dealer Territory Sales Reps, Dealer Equipment Sales Reps, Dealer Service Technicians

Duration: 1 Hour

Products Included:

– VisionX


– ScanX

– ProVecta 3D

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Recent Webinar Series

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Air Techniques Infection Control & Aerosol Management
Join us to review the findings from a recent study on Aerosols in Dental Practices and what the office can do to stay safe! Air Techniques has a wide range of products that can help improve the practices’ ability to reduce the proliferation of dental aerosols. 

Who Should Attend: Dealer Territory Sales Reps, Dealer Equipment Sales Reps, Dealer Service Technicians 

Duration: 1 Hour

Products Included:

– Mojave

– Mojave Mobile

– Mojave LT5

– Air Protect XL and Air Protect XL Plus

– Vent-less Vacuum Filters

– Cleanstream