CamX Triton HD Accessories

CamX Triton HD accessories have been specially designed by Air Techniques to work seamlessly with our CamX Triton HD camera and caries detection aid.

CamX accessories were designed to aid in the use of your intraoral camera and caries detection aid.




Air Techniques Lens Cleaning Cloth

Cleans your CamX lens without scratching or leaving residue and dust behind.

CamX Triton HD USB Hub

Neatly store your USB’s and provides a holder for CamX Triton HD. Multiple electrical attachments included.

CamX Triton HD Sheaths

CamX Triton HD Sheaths are hygienic, protective sleeves that are placed over the camera that help to prevent cross contamination.

CamX Triton HD Distance Spacers

CamX Triton HD spacers blocks both LED and stray ambient light. They also position Triton at the correct height above the tooth surface.

CamX Triton HD Storage Box for Heads

Safely and neatly store your CamX Triton HD camera interchangeable heads in the CamX Triton HD Storage Box.

CamX Triton HD Wall Mount

Mount your CamX Triton HD in an easy, accessible location.

CamX USB Cable Holder

Keep your cables neat with the CamX USB Cable Holder.