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The ScanX digital radiography system is the perfect fit for any dental practice.
If you have small children and young adults as part of your patient
population, you know 
“One Size Does Not Fit All”.

Hybrid Solution

When it comes to best practices for intraoral X-ray imaging, the ideal scenario that will benefit you, your staff and your patients is the implementation of a “Hybrid Solution”. Whether you’re a General Practitioner or highly focused Specialist, having a combined arsenal of sensors and PSP technology will allow you to easily capture 100% of your images, 100% of the time.

Capitalizing on the inherent benefits of both technologies will allow you and your staff to diagnose images with greater ease and efficiency while providing the best overall patient experience.

A “Hybrid Solution” is the concept of simply implementing two separate technologies that offer the best of both worlds.
Diagnostic tools that deliver speed, efficiency and comfort. With each of those attributes front and center, you can trust that
you and your staff can confidently provide the best patient care possible.

No two patients are alike. Pediatrics to Geriatrics, those with pronounced Tori, gaggers, or even those individuals with special
needs; each provide unique challenges. Studies show, at least 1/3rd of our patient pool falls into one of these unique
categories. As such, we should have the correct diagnostic tools available to best serve all of our patients.

SensorX ScanX Hybrid  Systems Benefits

Over the past 15-20 years, the dental industry believed that sensors and PSP technology were mutually exclusive. With that outlook and thought process, the day-to-day patient care and interaction have come with many tradeoffs.


Sensor technology has come a long way, with many advances in recent years. With the ability to instantaneously capture intraoral images at 20+ lp/mm, USB connections, and impressive filtering and enhancements, the technology has gained a large install base within the North American market.

However, this has come at a cost, literally and figuratively. Sensors are fragile and expensive. By nature, sensors can be difficult to place from the staff’s point of view and even more challenging to accommodate from the patient’s point of view. This can often result in a higher probability of retakes, slowing down the entire X-ray imaging process and exposing our patients to unnecessary radiation.

These factors may lead to an overall poor patient experience and a reduced production rate. However, patient comfort and their overall experience are paramount. After all, a valued patient referral can be the best form of an ROI.

Those that have “cut the cord” looking for a comfortable, flexible and wireless solution have relied heavily on the sustained broad product offering of the ScanX line by Air Techniques.

With six different models to choose from, each is tailored to your individual practice needs. This has resulted in unmatched patient comfort and image quality. As a result, ScanX has genuinely been the leader and the go-to PSP solution. With a Theoretical Resolution of 40 lp/mm (20 lp/mm effective) and industry leading software enhancement filters, ScanX PSP technology offers unmatched contrast and spatial resolution.

The ScanX PSPs are available in all intraoral sizes, 0-4. In comparison, most sensors are typically only available in one or two different sizes. PSPs are on average 30-times thinner and 100% more flexible than a sensor, so they are much easier to position and place. The vast majority of the patient population can accommodate them with ease.

Additionally, each size PSP offers 100% edge-to-edge “Active Area”. This is critically important when capturing the desired regions of interest, with the lowest probability to re-expose our patients.

If it is a sensor that fits the needs of your practice, the SensorX intraoral sensor is designed to easily capture intraoral X-ray images that can be viewed, stored and manipulated for diagnostic use by today’s modern dental practice. Thanks to the rounded corners, SensorX can be positioned closer to the tooth, helping to produce a sharper image.

The enhanced CsI CMOS technology of the SensorX ensures the fast transmission of high-resolution images. The new Air Techniques CsI Scintillator layer reduces scatter and concentrates the light collection, which dramatically influences the end result image quality.

If you are looking for speed, comfort and quality, the SensorX and ScanX combination is here! This “Hybrid Solution” clearly demonstrates the mindset that sensors and PSP technology are not mutually exclusive. By using both technologies together, you get the best of both worlds and exceed the wide-ranging intraoral X-ray demands for 100% of your patients.

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