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ProVecta 3D Prime

Taking diagnostics to the next level ProVecta 3D Prime combines diagnostic flexibility, ease of use and lower radiation dose.

The ProVecta 3D Prime generates a unique 130mm x 85mm jaw-shaped anatomically adapted volume that encompasses all treatment areas without imaging non-relevant anatomy.

See All That You Need To See

  • 3D & 2D X-ray images with exceptional image quality
  • The anatomically adapted jaw-shaped 3D image includes all dentition, including third molar area
  • 50 x 50 mm volumes in 80 or 120 μm resolution
  • Highest resolution CsI flat panel sensor – creates brilliant, high-quality 3D & 2D images from one sensor, no swapping, no complications

Ideal Imaging Volumes | Easy Positioning | High Image Quality

  • In addition to the standard adult 130 x 85 volume, the ProVecta 3D Prime offers child size and 10 additional 50 x 50 volumes
  • Five each for the upper jaw & lower jaw
  • Indications include endodontic and implant procedures
  • Within the smaller 50 x 50 volume, the resolution can be specified at either 80 or 120 microns to further increase clarity and accuracy
  • Reconstruction algorithms allow 3D volumes to be rendered and displayed in the shortest time possible to maximize clinical workflow

Maximize Your Diagnostic Capabilities

  • Innovative 7” touchscreen provides clear text & symbols to guide you through all functions
  • Integration available with exocad & SICAT for implant planning and surgical guide designs
  • Simplified patient positioning & overall imaging time thanks to double laser alignment for 3D scans & triple laser alignment for 2D scans
  • Clearly verify implant, root or jaw fractures, hyperplasia or dysplasia needs
  • Includes new state of the art and powerful VisionX software with implant visualization
  • VisionX features three different 3D views (Panoramic, TSA, MPR)
  • Clearly identify and mark the mandibular nerve canal
  • Easily measure anatomical structures & export of 3D DICOM data

ProVecta 3D Prime covers the dental region of all patients

  • 1,020 patients were examined in a study from Dr Johannes Krause*
  • The study shows that a volume with a height of 85 mm and diameter of 110 mm is  required for 100% coverage  of the dental region
  • With a volume of e.g.  80 x 80 mm, this means that only around 1.4% of all patients can be covered in full
  • By contrast, the adapted, jaw-shaped volume of the ProVecta 3D Prime covers the dental region of all patients

*Source and graphic bottom right: Dissertation conclusions, Dr Johannes Krause, Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, ‘Investigations into the required field of view for imaging 3D diagnostics in dental medicine’, 1 January 2013


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ProVecta 3D Prime from Air Techniques

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ProVecta 3D Prime from Air Techniques
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ProVecta 3D Prime Instructional Video

Key Features

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X-ray HV Generator Voltage, current: 0 – 99 kV, 4 – 16 mA
Rated power: 1.6 kW (For 1 Second)
170W (Continous)
Tube Focal spot size: 0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration: 2.8 mm AL (at 50 kV)
Image Detector Type: Csl CMOS photodiode array
Pixel size: 49.5 μm
Active sensor surface: 135.8 x 36.4 mm
Scan Times Scan times: From 2 to 18 secs.
Panoramic programs Panoramic image: 17
Image capture programs for children: 4
Magnification factor 2D images: 1.26
3D volumes 130 x 85 mm diagnostic
130 x 70 mm diagnostic
50 x 50 mm
Device dimensions Height: 55 1/2" (1406mm) x 88 1/2'' (2250mm)
Weight: 396 lbs
Height adjustment range: 33''
Width x Depth: 47 1/2" (1212mm) x 61" (1545mm)
Installation: Wall mounting
Electrical connections Mains voltage: 200 – 240 V AC
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Rated power: 2. 2 kVA

Warranty Information

24 Month Full System Warranty
This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel.
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