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ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic

The ProVecta S-Pan from Air Techniques sets a new standard in sharpness of extraoral imaging.

This 2D panoramic system offers ease of handling and optimal workflow, supported by an innovative 7” touch display. The ProVecta S-Pan owes its excellent imaging performance to two innovative technologies. First, the modern CsI sensor technology which enables better image quality and, hence, significantly easier diagnosis. Second, the S-Pan technology which considers the individual patient’s anatomy and several accordingly aligned layers to create a pin sharp panoramic image at any spatial position of the tooth and jaw.


  • Extremely fast: OPG image from 7 seconds – with especially low dose.
  • Important diagnostic information is sharply displayed, including the mandibular canal and bone structure
  • The child modes reduce the dose by 45-56% and shorten the scan time, without loss of diagnostic information
  • Stabilizing handles compensate for patient movement
  • Audio announcements for staff and patients
  • Long vertical path accommodates tall patients and wheelchair users
  • TWAIN-compliant imaging software


"ProVecta S-Pan's ease of use, high quality images and quick image acquisition helps to reduce stress for me, my staff and my patients."
- Melissa Rosenfeld, DDS


  • S-Pan technology for simpler diagnosis and unmatched image quality
  • CsI sensor for better image quality and reduced radiation
  • Automatically selects the sharpest areas, resulting in sharper images and faster, easier diagnosis
  • Selects from 20,000 image fragments to create one exceptional image
  • 7” touch display for intuitive handling – Easy face-to-face positioning, 3 positioning lasers
  • Slim design, small footprint
  • All 17 X-ray programs included for unmatched ease of diagnosis: 1 Standard Panoramic; 3 Half-page: right, left and front; 4 Child modes of exposure with smaller exposure area; 5 Orthogonal; 2 TMJ for functional diagnosis; 2 Sinus for paranasal sinuses


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ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic X-Ray by Air Techniques

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ProVecta S-Pan Panoramic X-Ray by Air Techniques
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ProVecta S-Pan & ProVecta S-Pan Ceph X-Ray Systems
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ProVecta S-Pan by Air Techniques with Dr. Rosenfeld




Part Number A7350
Maximum height 90"
Weight without pedestal 231 lbs
Weight with pedestal 342 lbs
Height adjustment range 28"
Dimensions including rotation (WxDxH) 38" x 48"- 51" x 90"
Installation Wall Mount (Pedestal Optional)
Mains voltage 200-240 VAC
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power 2.2 kVA
Magnification factor 1.3
Package Includes Complete Panoramic Xray with Ceph arm and installation requirements. Optional floor mount sold separately.
Tube voltage and current 60-99 kV, 4-16 mA
Focal spot size 0.5 mm (IEC60336)
Total filtration 2.8 mm AL
Model 2 CsI Sensors
Pixel Size 100 µm
Active sensor surface 6 x 150.4mm
Frame Rate 300 fps (Pan)

Computer Requirements

CPU 2.0 GHz Intel Core i3 (or equivalent AMD processor)
Operating System Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3 or later for an Intel 32-bit processor; Microsoft Windows Vista Business, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 2 or later for an Intel 32-bit processor;Microsoft Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with Service Pack 1 or later for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; or Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional or Enterprise for an Intel 32-bit or an Intel 64-bit extended (x64) processor; or Windows 10.
RAM At least 4 GB
Hard Drive At least 200 GB
Network Interface 1000 Ethernet adapter
Video Display Adapter At least 1024 x 1024 at 32-bit color, Direct3D-capable, workstation-class graphics card. At least 128 MB video memory.
Slots 1 Available PCI Express slot for the Network Interface adapter provided with the system.
Optical Drive Digital Optical Drive (CD-ROM or DVD) to install the software
Software Compatible, authorized, TWAIN Compliant, third-party software

Warranty Information

24 Month Full System Warranty
This Air Techniques dental product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of 24 months from the date of installation by authorized Air Techniques' dealer service personnel.
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