Air Techniques Announces New Product Launches & Whitepaper Study Ahead of Greater NY Dental Meeting

MELVILLE, New York — (November 27, 2020) — Air Techniques, Inc., a leading innovator and manufacturer of dental equipment, has introduced the only Extra and Intraoral Vacuum Solution, Mojave® Mobile. Along with new High Volume Evacuators, HVE Air Protect XL™ and HVE Air Protect XL Plus™. In coordination with these exciting new products, Air Techniques has teamed up with Dürr Dental and Dr. Martin Koch to scientifically provide conclusive results of the product’s effectiveness and the importance of aerosol and spray mist containment.


Mojave Mobile provides the best flow performance in one compact package. The powerful dry vacuum and air/water/amalgam separation are combined onto one robust main drive shaft. With a total suction performance of >12 SCFM, the Mojave Mobile diminishes and reduces aerosol clouds, thereby reducing the spread of infection. Its pump is strong enough to operate the intraoral HVE and extraoral aerosol funnel at the same time. The Mojave Mobile is a super-compact, transportable suction unit with an easy to clean fluid container.


Of the company’s recent Mojave Mobile product launch, Product Manager, Gregory Kass said, “We saw a void in the vacuum market for a product offering mobile spray mist suction with an air-flow rate exceeding 10 SCFM.”


The new HVE Air Protect XL, and HVE Air Protect XL Plus, are effective solutions for aerosol mitigation. HVE Air Protect XL captures more aerosols than conventional HVEs with its large 16 mm opening, offering more protection for staff and patients. The HVE Air Protect XL Plus has an ergonomic design with a unique rotating protective shield that adapts effortlessly to any treatment situation. Each HVE has protective secondary air inlets that provide the best possible protection against the suction system’s backflow.


The Air Techniques and Dürr Dental whitepaper, “Aerosol reduction by means of an intraoral spray mist suction – first findings from an experimental pilot study” by Dr. Martin Koch available to read and download on their website. The study covers; the Methodology, Characterization of particle emission, Influence of the suction system on particle reduction, Influence of the suction system on suction power (flow rate), Influence of the flow rate on particle reduction, Influence of the suction position on particle reduction, and final Discussion.


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